I ahve posted an article about using fake urine for a drug test, but I thought its high time to write a new, much more detailed review because many things have changed since then. There are actually 3 synthetic urine brands, that  I would recommend for a drug test, one from the three is just OK, I would not submit it on a strict lab test, because its formula is not good enough, but for a simple pre-employment dipstick test its a perfect budget choice. If you want to learn more about the available synthetic urine brands, check out Studentswithdiabetes blog for more info.

Below you will find my top synthetic urine brands, that are perfect and safe choices for a drug test.

Budget, Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test: Far From The Best, But It Works

My first pick is Quick fix synthetic urine. It has been around for more than 20 years and it still has a great reputation. However, you can read more and more reports that Quick Fix has failed. There are many reasons why you can fail a drug test, it can be the temperature, the low-quality formula, missing chemicals or because it doesn’t look like real pee.

Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine contains many chemicals, but it’s missing some essentials. For instance, it doesn’t come with Uric acid. It’s a must in 2020! Quick Fix also looks unnatural, it’s greenish, it doesn’t have a smell and doesn’t produce foam. In most cases, it’s not a problem, because lab assistants usually don’t check your sample closely, but in some cases, when something is not kosher with the sample, they can check it more carefully. That’s why I would say Quick Fix is only suitable for a simple pre-employment test. If it’s an important job and you want to be 100% sure, I would recommend something more complex than Quick Fix.

Quick Fix synthetic urine

My Number 2 Choice Of Fake Urine

Clear Choice Sub Solution used to be the best synthetic urine kit, now it’s only the second-best. To be honest Sub Solution and the number 1 brand is basically the same. There is not much difference between them. Sub Solution tick all the boxes! It looks and smells like real human urine, it even has some foam if you shake the sample. Sub Solution contains over 11 different chemicals, uric acid, urea, creatin just to name a few. It’s also important to mention that Sub Solution doesn’t contain artificial chemicals like biocides. Many people fail because their sample contains biocides!

The best thing in Sub Solution is the heat activator powder. Using this powder is super easy and fast. Just add a little bit of powder to your sample, shake it gently and see the temperature going up. You can even do this in the testing room, as the whole process should take less than one minute. If it’s your first time submitting a fake sample, I would recommend you to purchase a practice kit. It’s an empty flask and the small vial of heat activator powder. You can practice the heating process at home to be 100% sure you pass in on the real test. One vial can heat up 3 bottles of fake urine. It costs another 50$ if you buy it in a combo with Sub Solution.

best synthetic urine kit

Best Synthetic Urine On The Market: Quick Luck

The absolute best synthetic urine you can buy is Quick Luck. As I said before its almost the same as Clear Choice Sub Solution, there are only a few minor differences:

Quick Luck comes with both heat activator powder and a heating pad, so you can decide which one to choose. I would always go with the powder as its easier to use and definitely safer.

Quick Luck is premixed urine while Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit. If you choose Sub SOlution, you have to mix urine powder first with water and then add the heating solution. Quick luck is mixed you don’t have to mess with that. Quick Luck is definitely more convenient.

It contains a few more extra chemicals. I am not sure what are those chemicals, and are they useful or not, but Quick Luck comes with 3 new chemicals that are present in human pee, but not available in Sub Solution. I am sure in 99% of the cases Sub Solution’s formula is advanced enough to any drug test.

My conclusion is Quick Luck is the absolute best option, but in most cases, Sub Solution will also do the job. There is 20$ price difference between them, Sub Solution costs 80$ and Quick Luck is 100. I know that’s a lot of money for fake pee, but trust me these brands work, I have used them multiple times and always passed my test. I also recommended Sub Solution to many of my friends and none of them failed. Quick Fix is also a good option if you are short on money. One flask costs around 40$ and available in most headshops. However, if you have the extra money I would always go with Sub Solution or Quick Luck.