In most cases, it’s completely useless to detox for a drug test. Detoxing your system takes time, it requires discipline and a lot of sacrifices. There are other ways to pass a drug test, such as synthetic urine, detox drinks, and detox pills. Using synthetic urine is risk-free if you choose a good brand like Sub Solution, it requires no preparation, no detox nothing, just pay 80$ for a flask of urine, follow the instructions and you are good to go. However in some cases, synthetic urine is not an option, there are situations when you can not use detox drinks either. The only option left is doing natural detox and speeding up the process with high-quality detox pills. In this article, I will give you a few, easy to follow tips on how to detox your system for a drug test as fast as possible.

Ignore Home remedies and Stupid advice

When you are searching online on how to detox for a drug test fast, you will come across a lot of stupid articles, full of bad information. Sometimes it’s hard to weed out unreliable sources, but usually, if you use common sense that is enough. I’ve checked a few videos on youtube about passing a drug test and detoxing. There are many comments like this:

You don’t need detox to clean out ur system bc the toxicants are built up in ur urine through a slow cleansing process meaning if you pee two or three time before the test it has no time to build those toxicants… Which is why it only works if you piss fucking constantly. And it shows the new Vitamins you put in your system and kind of ignores the thc that’s flowing out bc there’s barely any at all… just to let you know 😊 have a great day 👍

Obviously, it’s complete bullshit, if this would be true, it would be enough to drink a few bottles of water, urinate a couple of times and you would be clean of toxins for the drug test. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, what really surprised me is the stupidity of some people. If what he states would be true, why would products like detox pills, detox drink, and synthetic urine even exist?

I suggest you stay away from the Certo method, even if it has a relatively good success rate, it’s not guaranteed to pass, many fail with it. There are many things to consider. body type, metabolism, smoking habits and so on…so to keep this short, just do not use it. You should also ignore methods like: drinking Palo Azul tea, drinking bleach, apple cider vinegar or taking niacin pills. Taking medicines without consulting your doctor is dangerous and plain stupid. Apple cider vinegar, green tea, cranberry juice and stuffs like that are actually healthy and good for your body, but not enough to detox your system for a drug test.

How To Detox For A Drug Test: 4 Easy Steps

Drink as much water as you can, water is like a catalyst in your system, it helps to flush out toxins much faster. Drinking water is also healthy, people usually drink less than half of the recommended water intake. After you are done with detoxing, you should keep this habit, because it’s extremely good for your body.

Exercise on a daily basis. Exercising, doing sports make you sweat, THC is stored in fat, therefore sweating, melting fat is the best way to release them. After 1-2 hours of HIT exercise, spend some time in the sauna, its a great way to release toxins from your body and from your skin as well.

Change your diet! Ignore fast foods, foods with high sugar and also eat less carb. All processed foods are bad for you, it’s much better if you switch to veggies and fruits. Eat nuts, seeds, fiber-rich foods. Eating these foods good for your metabolism, it can speed up the detox significantly.

Lastly the most important step. Avoid toxins during your detox. marijuana, drugs, medications, coffee, alcohol, sodas all are bad, you should avoid them completely during detox. I know it seems very obvious, but some people still do these fatal mistakes.

During your detox, take detox pills every day, the daily dosage is different for every brand, but it’s important to do not take more than the recommended dosage. A high-quality marijuana detox pills like Toxin Rid can speed up your detox significantly. After day 3, start checking yourself with a home test. It’s essential because if for any reason you are still dirty on the day of the test, you still can have a good detox drink like Ultra Eliminex or Rescue cleanse to mask the remaining toxins in your system. Because these drinks are not available in any average stores, you should prepare and order them a couple of days earlier. It’s better to be safe than sorry!