In my previous article, I was writing about using fake urine for a drug test as the safest and easiest way to pass a drug test. Beside synthetic urine, there are other options such as detox drinks, drug detox pills, and home remedies. Unfortunately, these home remedies usually do not work, but for some reasons, they are still very popular. The reason they are popular is that they are cheap and people are always looking for the cheapest and most convenient ways.

There is one home remedies that actually work, its called the certo method, but I wouldn’t call it safe, not even close to fake urine. Many claims they have passed with the Certo method there are also some who says they failed. Here is a comment I saw on youtube:

„I make 100 thousand a year now thanks to certo I work in construction now I was very nervous going into my drug test but it worked I had smoked the day before and I thought I was gonna fail It does work What I did was Pee when I woke up Drank a bottle of Powerade with the certo mixed in around 6 am Took vitamin b12 Drove to the clinic at 6:30 am It was around a hour and a half drive to the clinic the company sent me to 7:30 am – 8:00 am I drank another Powerade certo mix on the drive there Arrive at 8am Took 2 more b12 vitamins before going in It was a very busy morning with others being sent there for the same reason so I didn’t go back there until around 12 I had held my pee just to be safe Finally got back there took the test 2 days later I get a call that I got the job.”

The problem with Certo and every other home remedie that there are no clear instructions for these methods, dosage is also varies on every website and every video. Some says you should take one packet or certo with gathorede, there is another version where you should take two packets, one 4 hours before the test and one 1-2 hours before going to the testing lab. Some method says you should pee twice another method says you MUST pee three times, if not you fail..and so on.

Home Remedies That Don’t Work

There are many stupid home remedies that don’t make any sense, there are also some that are actually healthy, but they are not going to help you to detox at all. There are some very stupid comments on youtube and the problem is that these are often top rated comments, let me show you two examples:

Drink apple cider vinegar and drink a gallon of water next day you will pass for pills or x or coke, alot of the products dont work, are you getting paid. It most definitely dont take ten days. Usually if your hooked on something no way are you going 10 without drugs my solution works. Three table spoons of vinegar and that shit will take your breath away ,burn also but very effective with the water.

Ok, drinking apple cider vinegar is actually healthy, it has many health benefits, but gallon water mixed with ACV not going to do anything. You can drink a gallon of Apple cider Vinegar the drug metabolites won’t go anywhere.

For pot u can put two small drops of bleach into a 20oz bottle of water. 2 SMALL DROPS!  The smaller the better! Drink one the night before ur test. Drink one the morning of ur test. I do this for every drug test and i have past. This only works for pot. Something about the bleach. That is why they make u wash ur hands before s drug test. People would put a lil bleach under a finger nail. Then dip it in their urine during the test

This is the stupid category that I have mentioned already, who the hell would drink bleach? This moron suggests you drink bleach mixed with water and that is going to help you to pass. I am sure there is no scientific evidence that bleach flushes drug metabolites from the human body, but it’s surely dangerous. Please do not drink bleach or anything like that, not just ineffective, but also dangerous.

Some methods suggest niacin, again it’s stupid, taking a few niacin pills not going to detox you, it is used as an ingredient (with many others) in detox drinks, but it doesn’t mean niacin would solve your problem. Green tea, Palo Azul tea are both very healthy and you should consume them on a daily basis, but it’s not a quick way to detox for a piss test. Cranberry juice is another famous one, but just because it’s a diuretic it doesn’t mean it can flush everything out. I would suggest you use it as a part of your detox plan but do not rely entirely on Cranberry juice, green tea or Palo Azul.

home remedies for drug test


Some of these methods are actually helpful, they are good for your body and they can be used as a part of your natural detox plan, but do not rely on them. If you have 2 weeks, you can, but if you have a couple of days, choose a proven way to pass a drug test. The methods I would recommend are synthetic urine, detox pills, and detox drinks. In my next article I will write about marijuana detox drinks, what are they, when and how to use them properly.