I had a post about synthetic urine already. Spectrumlabs Quick fix is one of the most famous synthetic urine brand on the market, they have been around for 15+ years and their reputation is excellent. But drug testing changed a lot in the last few years.

What worked 2-3 years ago might not work anymore, rules are much stricter and labs became smarter. My friend recently had a drug test and he used synthetic urine. So in this Quick Fix synthetic urine review, I will tell you about his recent experience with Quick Fix and also tell you what are the best Quick Fix alternatives on the market.

Everything You Need To Know About Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Spectrumlabs Quick Fix is one of the oldest brands on the market, their reputation is good and they keep updating their formula, not like other brands such as Magnum and U-pass, I would never recommend any of these fake urine brands for a drug test. Quick Fix contains Urea, it’s balanced for PH and gravity, and it also contains a few other chemicals that are found in human pee.

To be honest, I do not understand why, but Quick Fix still doesn’t contain uric acid, and it is a must in synthetic urines. Besides that, it has a modern, updated formula which should be good enough to pass a proper lab test. Some people say Quick Fix is used to calibrate urine testing machines, but to be honest it’s sound like a bs marketing trick.

Quick fix Reviews

Quick Fix 6.2 is premixed urine, which means you don’t need to mix urine powder with water, it’s ready to use, all you have to do is to heat it up to the correct temperature, wrap it what a handwarmer and go to the lab and submit the sample. If the handwarmer does the job and doesn’t overheat the sample, you should be good. However, I would not use it on a more serious lab test g to where the stakes are high.

The problem with Quick fix is its formula is still not perfect, it still missing some ingredients that are required to pass certain drug tests. Quick Fix contains biocides, these chemicals are used for preservation and they are normally not found in human pee, which means if the lab test for the presence of Biocides you are in trouble, and according to some rumors, big labs like LabCorp and Quest diagnostics started to test for the presence of biocides.

My other issue with Quick Fix is not a big one, but still worth to mention it. It doesn’t have the perfect color, doesn’t have a smell and if you shake it, it doesn’t produce any foam. A good quality fake pee should look and smell like real human urine. I am not saying that every lab assisstant will have a sniff from your pee and check the color closely, but if something is suspicious, there is a higher chance it happens.

That’s it, the conclusion of my Quick Fix synthetic urine review that its still a good reliable brand, still much better than most brands on the market, but if you know your test is “more serious”, not just a simple unsupervised Walmart pre-employment drug test, then it’s better to invest a little bit more money and buy something higher quality, something bulletproof!

Two Quick Fix Alternatives That Work

There are only two synthetic urine brands on the market that are actually better than Quick Fix, they are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Both have much more advanced formula, they look and smell like real pee and none of them contains biocides. The best part is both brands come with heat activator powder, so you can say goodbye to unreliable handwarmers. Just add one-third of the powder to the luck warm sample and it will raise the temperature within a few seconds.

No need to prepare, you can even do it in the testing facility. 99% of these tests are unsupervised which means no one sees what you are doing in the cubicle. The only way to fail the test if you overheat the urine, so make sure you add less powder, check the thermometer and if it’s still not warm enough add a bit more, super easy, I would say idiot proof! One more thing, do not be dumb and hide the urine flask properly, do not carry it in your coat, hide it in your underwear. I can assure you, no one will check you there!