Let’s talk about the best tips for using fake urine for a drug test. It’s not as easy as you think, which is why so many people fail with fake urine. The problem is that they then blame the brand they bought, leaving a nasty review, telling the world what poor quality it is, when the truth is a lot of the time it’s not about the quality of the urine.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s really easy to find the best synthetic urine if you know what to look for. Also, I can guarantee to you that synthetic urine does work to pass a drug test because I’ve used it several times myself. So we’re going to talk about using fake urine in a drug test, give you tips on smuggling it in and keeping it at the right temperature, tell you the brands to avoid, and recommend a couple of the best synthetic urine brands out there.

Do Synthetic Urine Reviews Tell The Truth?

 The problem is that a lot of fake urine reviews don’t tell you the whole story. You’ll hear how great they are, but most people have actually never used the brands they are writing about.

You will read online hundreds of reviews about brands like Magnum synthetic urine. Let me tell you, that you will fail using Magnum. Five years ago you could well have passed, it’s just that testing standards have moved on, and the Magnum formula has never been updated properly. It’s the same with brands like Upass.

But because there are so many old reviews out there that still rank in the search engines, people read them and believe it’s still good quality, when it’s not one of the best synthetic urine brands at all.In order to tell the truth, fake urine reviews have to tell you what’s in synthetic urine, and it needs to be a checklist of key ingredients and features. High-quality synthetic urine contains creatinine, which is a natural waste product of the kidneys expelled through urine. It needs to contain Urea, Uric acid, and other chemical markers, including some vitamins and minerals that would be present in the bladder. Plus, it needs to have a pH level, and specific gravity range, that fits in with that of human urine.

That’s not very easily achieved, especially when you add to the fact it’s got to smell like the real thing, look like the real thing, and it even has to froth like the real thing. Some lab assistants claim they can spot a fake sample just by the way it froths, which is why so many brands of synthetic urine fail.

Tips For Using Fake Urine

The best tip I can give you about using fake urine for a drug test is around keeping it within the right temperature range. You’ll read tons of reviews online about synthetic urine failing people, but often they haven’t realized it’s because the temperature was wrong, and the sample was rejected. Human urine exits the body between around 96°F and 100°F, so within a very small range. Legally, to allow for cooling, any sample between 90°F and 100°F has to be accepted by a lab.

Which means you only have a 10° margin of error for the sample to be kept within. That means you need a high-quality heat pad or a brand that uses a more accurate way of keeping the sample at the right temperature.

The other best tip is around smuggling the urine in. If it’s an unsupervised drug test, you are good to go. As long as it’s a small container, then you can just place in your underwear, and it will be fine, especially if you strap it in some way. But you must practice, to make sure you can get it out, and submit the sample without making it obvious.

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

 Look, I know from experience that synthetic urine does work. But you have to know how to use it, which means mastering getting it into the lab at the right temperature.

And you have to have the best synthetic urine you can buy. With the low-quality pre-employment drug tests, the cheap ones, you can get away with a lesser brand, but my theory is always to buy the best quality synthetic urine that you possibly can.

As long as you prepare it properly, submit it at the right temperature, and the quality matches the level of drug test, then unequivocally, yes, synthetic urine does work.

Is Synthetic Urine Safer Than A Detox Drink?

 If you get premium fake urine, then yes, it’s safer than a detox drink. Where synthetic urine is safer, is if it’s submitted at the wrong temperature, or you lose your confidence and get caught with the sample on you. Although that’s very rare, it’s hardly going to help if you fumble it and spill it, for example.

If it’s a supervised drug test, then there is very little chance you would get away with submitting a fake urine sample. That’s where a detox drink is always better, as long as you get a good quality one, and try and do a natural detox for a few days beforehand.

fake urine for drug test

Best Synthetic Urine Revealed

 Using fake urine for a drug test is a great strategy, as long as you get your hands on the best synthetic urine you can buy.

Synthetic urine reviews will always tell you that the brand being reviewed is the best, but you have to look at the fundamentals to get at the truth.

For me, Quick Luck and Sub Solution are the two best brands to use. They are expensive, at $80, and $100, both made by Clear Choice, who are a very reputable company. Quick Luck is more advanced, though, and is premixed.

They contain at least 14 chemical markers a lab will check for so that ticks the box around passing testing. They look and smell like the real thing, I would never else tell the difference.

Plus, they use heat activator powder, rather than a heating pad. So there are fewer chances to fail. You add a bit of heat activator powder, get it to the right temperature, and go off and submit your sample.

Outside the drug testing facility, check the temperature. If it’s cooled, add a bit more heat activator powder. Simple, easy, and impossible to get caught doing.